The Most Innovative Frim in the PVC Deck Membrane Industry
on vinyl decks installed  using the 
60 mil V-Kote Tek System 


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V-Kote Tek Details

Every corner is sealed 100% and is consistent throughout the project.


PVC Coated Metal Flashing: Membrane is heat welded permanently to top of PVC coated flashing rather than bent over flashing which only adds stress to the membrane.

Wall/deck transition piece protects structure from water returning off the drip flashing.


Scuppers & Overflows: Spun aluminum, PVC coated unit; deck membrane heat welded to flange. A special skirt is also welded to outside wall. Seals permanently inside and outside of structure.

Drains: One- piece metal drain is PVC coated. Membrane is permanently heat welded to drain. No glue. No caulking.

Post Boot:
The entire post is wrapped in one piece with the overlap heat welded to the PVC membrane.

Door Corner Boot: Protects the critical area with a one-piece factory
made unit.

Downspout Boot:
One-piece, factory made downspout boot seals the entire unit.

Railing Boot:
Keeps water away from the base and fasteners. Boot is heat welded permanently to the deck membrane.

Global Dec-K-ing SystemsRailings on Parapet Walls:
Railing base plate is chemically bonded to a 60-mil PVC membrane and fused to the PVC coated flashing. Railing base plate is also sealed to the PVC membrane with a PVC rod.


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